Our task for this session was to develop a 10 minute micro teaching session using an object.

Object based learning is a student centred approach that uses objects to facilitate deep learning.

Object based learning can be used to develop any of the following (not an exhaustive list)

  • Observational skills
  • Visual literacy (ability of read objects, to find meaning in them)
  • Design awareness and knowledge
  • Team working
  • Critical analytical skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Communication
  • Aesthetic judgements
  • Understanding of key concepts (e.g. branding style, ethics)
  • Research skills and confidence
  • Inspiration

What questions can we ask around the object?

  • Production
  • Materials
  • Historical applications
  • Aesthetic vales
  • Environmental relevance
  • Complementary information
  • Objects history
  • Values
  • Relations to other objects
  • Social implications
  • Use

Planning the session – with a week to go I felt panicked. Somehow all my ideas just weren’t resonating with me.  I turned to ‘Dr Google’ for help. There were so many different ways to tackle this, it really made me question some of my teaching methods and how these can be adapted using  object and questions around them.  My students are at foundation so many concepts and or objects are unfamiliar to them and I can see how this type of teaching could work really well in the classroom.

With reflection, i think perhaps some of my current teaching practice is quite basic.  Whilst I have been given objects in the past and been asked to interact with them I wasn’t familiar with the term ‘object based teaching’.  Thinking about my current material I can see lots of ways in which I can bring in this type of learning activity.  You do however need some time and direction with regards to initial information to develop and make these adjustments. I need to spend more time researching, problem solving, considering and planning during the holidays to develop my teaching style.     One problem I will encounter is knowing when to draw the line. There is so much information you can’t always read it all!

On reflection perhaps doing the research for this activity has been the most beneficial aspect of the course for me so far.  It has given me lots of practical food for thought and another tool in the box to draw on.

I eventually decided on the session, and started to design, prepare and collect the necessary resources that the session would need.

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