Research prior to cohort seminar 2 18th February 2019

Teaching Excellence Framework – (TEF) is like an Ofsted thing.  It was a way for the government to measure teaching within school and universities (undergrad only).  It is another way for potential students to again an overview about their choice of institution along with things like the NSS / World ranking by The Times etc.  It is government stamped and an additional resource.  Perhaps also justifying public spending?

There are six core metrics that you are measured against: teaching, academic support, employment / salary on graduation)

Universities can submit up to 15 pages to a panel of experts.  You are awarded Gold, silver and bronze for each areas with an overall colour being allotted.

It has been aimed at narrowing the attainment gap (BAME students etc.)

So what are my values as a teacher?

  • A question I have, but haven’t considered! I guess they are a bit like the boundaries you should draw up as a teacher with your student in those first sessions? I am yet to find out where my student teacher boundaries can lie.
  • Honesty – I would far rather a student say ‘I’ve not done my work’ than try and cover over. Perhaps this tact doesn’t work. Who wants to admit they haven’t completed something on time and are possibility failing?
  • Trying to make the material fun, inspiring and engaging. I’m working on it
  • Student well-being – more to it than just teaching. Pastoral care and student well bring should come before the work.
  • Hope for their futures. That application, hard work, will pay off to and lead to happiness rather than success? How do we define success and happiness? One for another day perhaps?
  • Challenging for engagement. Achievement through personal response.
  • Kindness and understanding… I have a long way to go on the psychological understanding of other people. Consideration for how is that person might be feeling needs to be front of mind.
  • Keeping it real. What do students really want or need to know? What do they already know?

What do we need to know as teachers?

  • What is the course to achieve? What is the module to achieve?
  • The assessment criteria. The Learning objectives. The level and level of achievement
  • The aims and objectives for all the material covered. How do these feed the LO’s and the assessment? How does this feed the course?  What is the alignment?
  • Subject knowledge, prep, resources available to me. The activities.
  • Student’s prior knowledge, any LSP’s or barriers to learning, accommodation to disability?

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