Thoughts about micro teach

We have our micro teach in a couple of week’s time and although I have completed a couple of these sessions before, I have over thought and complicated them in the past. I am yet to achieve success.

I have some ideas of the types of things I could do, but I am still much undecided on which idea could work best.

The reading sent to accompany this session from the HAE:

Innovative pedagogies series: WOW: The power of objects in object-based learning and teaching by DR Kirsten Hardie

has given me a couple of new ideas for my own teaching. I found it interesting to note that I already work with different bits of packaging asking students to consider the design, however I do this through use of image in a PPP. It generally gets a good level of interaction.  From the reading I can see how this would become more powerful in having the physical object for the students to touch, feel interact with, and how this would increase the level of engagement.  I could further ask students to collect interesting forms of packaging, which we could build into a collection. Further discussion about the ways various brands present themselves, communicate vales, and appeal to customers could follow later in the term.  We could also use some to this packaging to consider flat drafts and material usage.  How could we make the packaging design more sustainable?

The ideas presented lend them self to different disciplines.  I.e. What does fashion mean to you? Bring in your favourite garment that has the WOW factor, later tell the group why you have chosen it. What is it that draws the WOW factor?  Its good introductory exercise, uses presentation and analytical skills, but it also tells me quite a lot about a student’s design taste levels!  I can also see how this will appeal to the students interests.

I could also collate some images of pictures of clothing (historical as well as contemporary) asking students to consider the target customer, their functionality, fabrics, styling details.  Questioning when or where they might be worn? How might they fit to their own style etc.? This could further help them to evaluate the question ‘What does style mean to you?’  This could also be discussed in a more practical context of the customer; how brands need to design with the customer as a key consideration.

I could also find interesting objects / fabrics used in the manufacture of garment asking the students to consider each and identify what it is. What type of garment it might be use in? Where it might be used?  Again this would provoke curiosity, discussion and intrigue. I need to start collecting unusual items for discussion!

I am sure there is more I could take from this article with subsequent readings, but I like this commentary, it appeals to my practical sense!

Now I just need to spend some time bottoming this micro teach out!

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