Thoughts between lectures and seminar

Feeling panicked that my schedule just doesn’t let up, and that I am falling behind with the blog and reflective thinking process. Considering deferring for another year, even though I have wanted to engage with this from my initial career swap. Thanks goodness I am only studying for the one module this term! I’m having reflective thoughts all the time and want to further consider, record and implement them but reading and writing are a slow process for me. I guess there are so many different approaches to teaching and its context, that there must be an element of trying until you get it right?  Rome wasn’t built in a day?

On reflection I need to calm my schedule, and take a hit on the bottom line for next year.  I want to enjoy the process, implement new practices from my learning and hopefully make improvements. The only way I feel I can do this is to concentrate on fewer things at once!   More time for planning!

Dyslexia test booked for the end of March.

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